Hey there,

I’m Bruno Roberto Búrigo, I live in Brazil and have been working as a Software Developer for about 5 years. I was introduced to coding in 2010 when I started the Systems Analysis and Development undergraduate course at UTFPR, the Federal University of Technology - Parana. At the beginning I was kind of lost, this whole programming thing seemed strange and I wasn’t sure if I was made for that. But it didn’t take much time for me to discover that it was fun, rewarding and…logic.

Most of my experience lies in the web development field. I’m used to deal with the whole web stack, from coding and optmizing backends and frontends to mantaining a cloud cluster of servers. I also deal a lot with testing, continuous integration and automation.

I consider myself a generalist programmer and aspire to become a true polyglot on programming languages, I’m always messing with different ones, trying to grab better abstractions and design ideias.

Oh, and I’m a Linux guy. Long live to Slackware.

Besides coding, reading about code and dreaming in streams of bytes, I also like to read lots of fiction books, travel with my motorcycle and drink beer with my friends. Unfortunately I can only do one of those things at the same time ;(

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